Risk-Free Approach

Choosing Rivers Resources for your company does not require a budget because there is no up front investment. We are so confident in our team and their abilities to produce real results for you that we assume all the risk.    

Risk-Free Approach

Comprehensive Analysis

Every step of the process is managed by our auditors, trained professionals working at multinational companies, they leverage powerful, innovative technologies to get at the information that matters most. Using our technology, we can analyze an unlimited number of systems or invoices/transactions, from any system.

Comprehensive Analysis

Accelerate your profit.

Over time, a small margin of error can add up to Millions of dollars in lost revenues. Rivers Resources uses cutting edge technology and in-depth industry knowledge to recover money and discover profits for your company. Put us in your corner and start saving money today!

Accelerate your profit.

Rivers Resources is pleased to announce a partnership with Office 360º, an independently Indiana-owned company with exceptional experience.  Office 360º is an Indianapolis Chamber Green Certified company with a staff and philosophy which blends wonderfully with Rivers Resources.


Rivers Resources and Office 360º is able to offer multiple products and business services:

§  Furniture services with in-house designers as well as space planning and white-glove installation;

§  Technology support enabled by our expert IT department and state-of-the-art online ordering;

§  Customized programs  which include pricing, training, ordering, as well as invoicing and reports; and

§  Products, including but not limited to, office supplies, tech supplies, cleaning and janitorial supplies, and school supplies.


R&R/Office 360º together have unequaled capabilities.  They can do free, next-day delivery, for example, and have a simple return process.  There are no hidden charges, they have an $80 million dollar inventory, and they are flexible and responsive. Click below to check out the site & order from there!


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Our Clients

Recovery auditing is a financial best practice recognized by leading organizations worldwide for discovering profits, reducing erroneous payments and improving processes.

Disbursement review and recovery audits are common in large companies and organizations yet many medium-sized companies have not had access to these services. We believe in helping companies of all sizes recover money and discover more profits.

Professionalism and Respect

We understand that there’s more at stake than just dollars and cents. In each new engagement, we examine the nature of the transaction and the dynamics of the business relationship.

First and foremost, we guarantee your disbursement review and recover audit will be performed with the highest degree of professionalism and respect in every communication with you and your vendors.

Minimal Interruptions

Our team is a group of experienced professionals, devoted to working autonomously so your team will not be bothered with the headaches normally associated with an audit. We are adept at working with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

Rivers Resources uses our cutting-edge technology and in-depth knowledge to recover the most money possible for our clients, and our technology integrates seamlessly with multiple payment and accounting systems.